What Does Alley Girl Stands For?

(Open on Computer Screen- words being typed as said:)

CARRIE: (Voice-over): Once upon a time, a Turkish marketing expert came to New York…

(Cut to: Young woman sitting in a cab)


… Betül K. YILDIZ was attractive and bright and right away she hooked up with one of the city’s typically eligible bachelors.

(Cut to: New York Typicall Start-up Office, Fatih is on the iMac) (where is your iMac, dude?)

Fatih: The question remains: ‘Is this really a company we want to own?’

CARRIE: (Voice-over): Fatih was 26. A well-liked and respected web developer who made about 2 million a year….


Of course, my husband can’t make 2 million a year in a start-up company, and I was definitely not sitting in a cab with my Louis Vuitton luggage. I had two loose luggage and they didn’t match colours. But I do remember that my first apartment had this breathtaking city view opposite of the first time New Yorker experience. If I say I never had a flat with a rat, probably you already started to hate me.

When I first came to New York. I was surprised. Because New York didn’t look like Sex and the City kind of city! It was dirty, people were rude! There were no girls like just fallen from the runway on the streets! At least the place that my school was around (36th street btw 6th-7th).  And believe me, It is not what you imagine (because of Hollywood bullshit) and I was living in Newport, Jersey City. When I say Newport, people feel like oh that is fancy. No, it is not. It is still not New York!!! My whole experience was like that for a year! I always wanted to go back to my old life back in Istanbul. (oh, I missed it now)

I finally moved to Manhattan a year later. And found some new school around Flatiron District. Everything was becoming pinkish for this girl! While I was working on my computer, I turned my head back and saw that triangle building one day. Which building was that? It was Flatiron Building and the neighbourhood gets its name from that very unique building.  They call the area “Flatiron District” and we digital people call the area “Silicon Alley“. You muggles may not know about this fact but here is an explanation about it.


Silicon Alley, centered in Manhattan, has evolved into a metonym for the sphere encompassing the New York City metropolitan region’s high tech industries including, the Internet, new media, telecommunications, digital media, software development, biotechnology, game design, financial technology (fintech), and other fields within information technology that are supported by the area’s entrepreneurship ecosystem and venture capital investments.¹

Finally, I found that I should start to write about my real passions. This is what I do: marketing, digital media, e-commerce, start-ups, social media whatever is related to internet business. My name should be alley girl. Because I am the girl from alley who loves fashion, writing about the city and her life in it; likes to meet new people; talks too much and loves to share…

This is why I am the alley girl.

New York based fashion tech blogger_alley girl2