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Munich, I’m Sorry but You’re not Berlin

November 1, 2015

When we told people, we were going to go to Germany, everybody told us oh Munich was the best place in Germany. We were very excited about this. Apparently, people’s taste can be very very different. Both Fatih and I weren’t impressed by Munich as everybody told us. I don’t know maybe I should live in there to understand but It wasn’t the same case for Berlin. We love Berlin…

Europe Travel

Prague, The city of Everything

October 30, 2015

After our very satisfying Berlin trip, we checked train tickets for Prague. Our little journey took four and half hour between Berlin and Prague via train. In my experience train is the best way to travel around  Europe. I love train trips and I think the train ride is always a good idea when you are in Europe. Great nature and always a great way to meet new people.…

Europe Travel

Berlin where is the Newest Hipster City of Europe

October 12, 2015

I think I  fall in love with Berlin. The city has so many things to tell you. So much proud, so much pain…so many struggles… Yet, It still stands as the most powerful European city (I point this as economical and political power). I’ve lived in Germany for 5 months as Erasmus Student (European Union Exchange Student Program) I was in Karlsruhe. I visited couple of cities while…