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Noemie Rings Review – How Quality Noemie’s 18K Solid Gold Jewelry? And Alternative Brands

December 26, 2019
noemie ring review

In this Noemie Rings review, I want to discuss how I find Hello Noemie’s quality as a real gold jewelry owner? Is it safe to buy diamonds from How do I trust their gold and diamond is a real diamond? I will answer these questions in a bit with not one but two different Noemie Rings. I also make my review divide by “the design, the value, the packaging.” But first, I want to introduce you to the brand.

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Noémie is a high-quality, fine jewelry brand sold at fair prices (previously featured in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar. I think you received your answer here. They are a legit business featured in big-name magazines.). The best thing is about Noémie is you will find many elegant and classy pieces at comparably reasonable prices. The brand handcrafts each piece with prioritizing quality and a timeless design approach to every piece that lasts a lifetime. 

hello noemie review

Hello Noemie Rings Review

I initially like these earrings from the brand.

noemie huggie earring review

Even though these earrings are stunning and trendy these days, I am not a huge earrings fan. So I went with the rings instead. I am a considerable ring wearer. I don’t know if that’s a thing. “The ring-wearer.”

The Design (4/5)

I picked this single baguette ring because It has the ultimate sophistication, and with that size of the diamond, the price is incredibly reasonable. Also, I picked this 18K single-colored stone ring. I chose the sapphire because It’s my birthstone (I’m Virgo). These two rings complement each other so beautifully. I always wear them together. Unfortunately, Noemie stops selling the birthstone rings 😕. I am waiting for them to bring this ring back. They were the most affordable piece on their website. I can say Noemie is a cheaper jewelry website, but still not so much for many people. The birthstone ring was $140.

Noemie Rings Review
The Single Baguette Ring – $400 (similar brand)

Noemie Rings Review: The Value (4/5)

The value is definitely there. When you decided to buy one piece of jewelry, you will see the same piece of jewelry’s market value in the info placement on every single product page. So you will definitely pay less because Hello Noemie cuts the middle man to give us better prices.

Also, you can divide your payments without paying interest depending on how long you will pay the full price. I am not a big fan of splitting payments, but I think it’s a smart way to go when you buy something this much value.

The Packaging (3.5/5)

Noemie Rings Reviews

I am in between liking and disliking the packaging. It’s way too big for my taste, but at the same time, It has a brilliant and cute style. If you want to propose to your loved ones, Noemie’s package can play its role so beautifully.

hello noemie valentine's day
hello noemie mother's day

I am even going to give you an idea of the proposal scene. Buy these tiny balloons. Attach the question (Will you Marry me?) card and the ring to this ballon with a ribbon. When your significant other opens the box, the ring and question fly in front of her. How sweet. ♥️

The Conclusion (3.8/5)

I think Noemie Rings are great gifts to buy for your loved ones. Especially on Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthdates, and the Holiday season with already reasonable prices, you will find some special day discounts and promotions. I trust the company’s reputation and the quality of the products. It has been a year I owned my single baguette ring, birthstone ring, and I don’t have any concerns like diamond replacements, etc. Although Noemie has quality items, its affiliate practices are shady. And put small content creators like me in a vulnerable position. If you want to support business are friendly to content creators I suggest you Aurate NY. Also, you can use my 25% DISCOUNT code BETUL25 for purchases at

I don’t buy gold-plated jewelry anymore. Hello Noemie definitely is on my top three list of “Solid Gold Jewelry.” Yet Noemie is a little bit expensive than their competitors because all their jewelry is 18K gold. They don’t make a lower rate of gold jewelry. It’s up to you to buy 14K gold vs. 18K gold. 18K gold means It has more solid gold in jewelry. (Do you want me to explain how gold rates are working? Leave a comment if you are interested.)

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Hello Noemie Rings Review $370
  • The Design
  • The Value
  • The Packaging

Hello Noemie Rings Review - The Conclusion

Noemie is one of my favorite jewelry brands for gold or diamond purchases. I recommend the brand for a beautiful gift for yourself or your loved ones—an especially great gift for your mom on this Mother’s Day.

Disclaimer: If you decided to buy a piece of jewelry with one of my links, I might earn a commission from Noemie website via my affiliate links. I appreciate it a lot if you can support me this way so I can create more reviews like this.

Shop My Favourite Pieces from Aurate NY Similar to Hello Noemie Jewelry

As I mentioned above, Noemie is a great brand. You can also find very similar minimalist designs from AuRate NY. Besides, you can find both 14K and 18K options from AuRate according to your budget.

Quadricolor Ring with White Diamonds – $750
Mini Wraparound Ring with White Diamonds – $420
Half Diamond Baguette Ring – $980
Mini Ear Cuff with Diamonds – $480
Birthstone Necklace for Mama – $280
Huggie Earrings with White Diamonds – $480
Kaleidoscope Quadricolor Ring – $650
Diamond Brooklyn Bridge Ring – $390
Brooklyn Bridge Ring – $280
Medium Chain Necklace – Gold Vermil
Mini Letter Charm Pendant with White Diamonds – $560
Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring – $1800
Open Link Ring – $80 (Gold Vermil)
Wraparound Ring with White Diamonds – $1500
Birthstone Ear Chain Threader – $150
Lariat Ear Jacket – $100
Circle Earrings with Diamond Bar – $480