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Next exciting Brand is here: OnlyAtoms

October 6, 2014

After long long break, finally I am back in New York! It is really long story how I stuck in Turkey. So that is another article I should write in here.

Today I want to share to you new awesome company which made me so excited. Like every other New Yorker who love running in Central Park, I am indeed obsess to look like warrior but at the same time fashionista while running. If you are same as me  OnlyAtoms is your new brand.


this is my babe!

OnlyAtoms is a running brand for men & women, designed in Brooklyn & made in NYC by runners, for runners. Which is why they do know how to look you beautiful but comfy as well. Founded by a fashion industry insider who’s also an avid endurance runner & long-time member of the NYC running community, OnlyAtoms merges high quality & stylish design together with athletic functionality. OnlyAtoms makes cool running clothes that you feel good wearing. Running gear may not help you run faster, better, or farther…but you’ll look good, feel good and HAVE FUN running, no matter what kind of runner you are. Having fun is the key while doing any kind of sport.


btw don’t forget to check their Lab. I found useful tips to myself. 

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Don’t forget to share your experience with the OnlyAtoms’ products here.

Stay awesome!