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Next Big Thing Here: Kiini Bikini

February 16, 2015

God must have forgotten about weather changes. At least just for New York. We are freezing last 2 or 3 weeks.

I gave up counting the countless sun-free days. It is really hard to be chic these freezing days and the biggest challenge for bloggers who are wannabe street style icons, attention seekers to make the statement with their looks during the Mercedes Fashion Week. With all respect (!) I still saw some challengers.


seriously? In this weather?

I do prefer layering like some other “I-don’t-give-a-shit-your-fashion-statements”


I have 4 layers on top and maybe 2 layers at the bottom but I do have a lifesaver pony hair Isabel Marant boots.


All these weather issues force me to write about my new topic Brand New Brands*. My brand new brand is Kiini. I saw Kiini on Leandra’s personal Instagram account first time. She was wearing them on her tropical les vacances.


Leandra is not the only IT girl who is obsessed about Kiini. From Julia Restoin Roitfeld to Dree Hemmingway etc.



To me, Kiini is one of the best Social Media success stories. Last January, when Dree Hemingway posted a photo on Instagram wearing one of Kiini’s brightly colored pieces. “All of a sudden I got non-stop inquiries—I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t even have any inventory!” says Ipek Irgit, who now counts Anna Dello Russo, Cara Delevingne, Bar Refaeli, Leandra Medine, and Garance Dore as fans.**


Ipek Irgıt

I am so proud to see Ipek’s name on W Magazine‘s interview. Because she is from Turkey too. But she prefers to describe herself as “A Turkish-born, New York-based World citizen.” Can’t be more inspirational than this to young designers who have multiple descents.

I really love Kiini’s colorful designs and affordable prize point but my only concern is what about big girls like me? There is no way make fit my breasts to those tiny cups and same scenario down at the bottom.

I am waiting until one of the big bottom Kardashians wear Kiini. Then I decide about the fitting situation again.

*Brand New Brands talks about new brands that I discover recently. You may know those brands thousand of years, but I might have something to tell about them as well.

**quote from W magazine.