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Being A Blogger, Being A Writer vs Shopping Adviser

June 3, 2017

Being modest is very hard in today’s world. The job you are seeking or your supervisor push you to be more and more aggressive for successful.  Even in our blogger world, I don’t feel the beauty of the beginning of blogosphere anymore, being a blogger was every interesting around that times. Now, everybody’s obsessed with likes, followers and all the things look important but not necessarily. People don’t understand the power of being…

Being A Blogger Fashion Outfits & Style Pregnancy Style

Being New Yorker in an Eclectic Style

June 2, 2017

I received so many nice feedbacks about my last Youtube video. Some didn’t know what I am doing on my Youtube channel before and they were so surprised. The reason, I started the Newest Yorkers series is because I’m one of them. I moved to the city in 2011. It was September. Just 2 days before my birthday. It was the craziest decision I’ve ever made. I actually need…

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Easy, Comfortable Fringe Skirts and Denim Shirt

May 25, 2017

Since I got back from my endless vacation I’m very busy with work, home, and some personal life changes. I started looking for a house again. I don’t mind where I live as long as Fatih and me together. Even though we have some necessities, like natural sunlight. Before Our Greenpoint house, we used to live in Williamsburg where is crazy close to where I live now. We…

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All White Look with Stone Embellished Skirt

May 1, 2017

:I’m absolutely obsessed with all white looks nowadays. Especially this stone embellished skirt is so special. It elevates my everyday look to a totally different level. I’m always a huge fan of the use of stones, glitters or sparkles for everyday looks. It reminds me Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele‘s interview. She was talking about the art of mixing couture and street style. [dahz_framework_row][dahz_framework_column width=”1/2″] Even though my skirt is embellished…

Fashion Outfits & Style Pregnancy Style

Styling Baby Blue For Spring Summer Weather

April 25, 2017

When I was a child or a teenager, autumn was my favorite season from all. It’s very interesting choice for a young person now I realize this. :/  Because fall itself is a bit melancholic. I should have love summer or spring. Beautiful colorful clothes, pool or beach all the time and endless ice creams 😛 Things keep changing in your life when you get older. My love…

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Spring Culottes Style with Fringe Sandals

April 18, 2017

I love culottes in every season. I wonder why I didn’t work on any culottes look during winter time but they are one of my favorite office looks during spring time definitely with the stylish shoes. Even though the weather is not good as I wanted, I’m still very enthusiastic about my spring office look. I want to show you something classic with a modern twist. I love these…

Fashion Outfits & Style Pregnancy Style

Business Style – A Look with Spring Twist

March 23, 2017

I want spring so bad. I was wearing all plain and white looks lately. Enough is enough. I want my colors back. 🙂 Yes, I haven’t shown any business style lately, so I decided to show you this colorful little casual business style look. I showed this red blazer multiple times (see here, here and even here I said “red blazer means spring“. I’m very serious about this blaze…