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Blogger Crush: We, The Classy’s Venessa Kaufman

February 20, 2017

I got very good feedback from you about me sharing my favorite bloggers from all over the world. And this time I am with one of my favorite stylish, mom blogger, Venessa Kaufman. I think she is one of very first follows of mine and she is my very early follower on

I always admire her style, class, and hard work. So here is We the Classy’s Venessa from my eyes…

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Betül K. Yıldız: You have a very interesting story to start a blog, you were a very successful business woman who worked as financial adviser then you decided to quit your job. It is hard to change career path for some people after certain achievements. How do you do that? What was your drive?

Venessa Kaufman: A lot of it is about priority and passion. I always had a passion for things other than finance, the first step was to entertain my love for fashion as a hobby. With how prominent social media is in our society, it was easy and costless to start an Instagram and connect with those who are like-minded. Also, where do you prioritize your dreams? I tend to be a dreamer who really believes anything is possible. I gave my dreams a serious place in my priorities even if it was just an Instagram account.

BK: Why do you blog? Passion for fashion? How did you decide to start to blog? Because It is really hard road to be successful in this really crowded field now.

VK: I saw an article about the biggest bloggers on Who What Where and something clicked, like… maybe this is my calling. I have a background in fashion, modeling, communications, and sociology… I felt like it was worth a try. I needed to take a chance on myself.

BK: You are my idol. I told you before I want to be like you when I become a mom. ? You look great in every way. Or is that the illusion of IG? I got the same compliment from people sometimes, but only I know my problems or my struggles. How do you balance your family life and your professional life? What do you suggest the people like me?


VK: Balance is an unattainable dream. I know that sounds really negative, but it’s not. Striving for balance is how I survive, but I have to give myself a little credit when things just don’t feel balanced. As a mom, I always feel pulled in different directions. My heart, first, is with my family, but I always feel pulled to be doing more for my blog. This is part of being a mom, and loving a lot of things in your life.

BK: You are already pretty successful blogger but how do you see We the Classy’s future? Any tips for me, too..

VK: I would love to keep growing and innovating. Currently, I’m focusing on more than just my Instagram, it’s important to be present on the internet and in the world in other ways than Instagram. It’s hard to accomplish, but I’m working on it. Today I posted something slightly political, but it was dear to my heart. I suggest never letting go of who you are to please the crowd.

BK: How do you describe your style? Did your style change after you started to blog. For example, I am way more bold and fearless (Actually, I never care what people think of what I wear anytime in my life but still blogging changed my sense of style dramatically)

VK: In high school, I wore combat boots and mini skirts, I was somewhat of an outcast. As I matured my tastes calmed down, but lately I find myself reaching back down to that troubled teenager and wondering what she would be posting. I believe she is part of who I am today too. We evolve as people, our style is always ours but evolves with us.


BK: What is your online shopping secrets? (For example, I am so good at hunting designer clothes on eBay)

VK: Oh jeez! I don’t think I have any! I’m a major google queen. I google everything and I keep apps on my phone for the few tried and true stores I consistently like to shop at.

BK: Since my blog also talks about technology, I am curious about new technologies that you have “can’t live without”?

VK: Hmmm… just my phone haha! I work on it all day long!!

BK: Your favorite designer of all time?

VK: No. I can’t. There isn’t one. I go with the flow, I don’t stick to certain designers, but mostly those who are authentically projecting style I love!

BK: Best style piece of all time? (Mine was this only brooch that my mom owned)

VK: A turquoise and silver necklace passed down to me from my grandmother in Lebanon.

BK: If I talk to your best friend, how does she /he describe your personality in 3 words?

VK: Sensitive, loyal, honest

BK: If you wanted to be a superhero or goddess which one do you want to be? (Since you are a mom, you are already a superhero but still?)

VK: Superhero. They say if you are having a bad day, do something for someone else. It’s my dream to be able to make a positive impact in lives of those who need love and inspiration. I would never have a bad day ❤

BK: What was your dream city to live since you are mature enough to think about it? (Mine was New York after I watch You’ve got a mail)

VK: I dream of being a bi-costal person. I love the winters here in AZ, but dream of summers in the east coast or somewhere cooler. It would be ideal.