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A New Way to Analyze Data for Loyal Customers

March 12, 2015

When i hear about a product which analyze data for better customer experience I can’t help but write about that.

I was so distracted from the last couple of weeks because of the endless fashion weeks. It is impossible to write about serious stuff while the top models are walking down the best fashion house’s runway shows! As a result I abandon my “Fashion Startups from the Alley” writings. So I decide to make my dates categorized. Like Tech Thursdays. From now on I am going to write  a Fashion Tech Startup from the Silicon Alley every Thursday  which is my main focus at the very beginning!

So my last discover is 42Technologies which analyze your data to give better understanding about loyal customers.

42 was project that run as a second place in 24-hour tech competition presented by Conde Nast and Decoded Fashion in 2013.

42 is an intuitive data analytics platform that simplifies data for retailers. 42 can identify your best customers and helps to optimize your efforts for returning valuable customers. According to 42’s  latest blog post:

  1.  Your best customers spend 30x more your average customer.
  2. Typical online stores get 43% of revenues from repeat purchases.
  3. The top 1% of customers spend as much as the bottom 50% of customers put together.
  4. Your best customers spend 5x more per order than average ones

Good to know. Right? Most of the retaliers’ problem is common. To analyze their mess data. There is nothing more valuable than the collect data, able to understand it, process it,  summarize value from it and finally visualize the key value of it.

You can have a demo for 42 Technologies from here. And meet the team from here. They sound so sexy! These guys work in leader companies Such as Procter & Gamble, Google, and Facebook before.

P.S. The main images is taken from TechCrunch.

P.S. – 2 I am going to start my continuing education in Fashion Institute of Technology today. If you are reading my blog and and study at the FIT, find me and say hi to me!