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What is Interstitial Ads?

May 22, 2015

I have been busy with my fashion side for a really long time. So I decide to break this today. From the beginning I have this favorite section in my blog that “Alley Talk”.

As you know I start to write this section as technology “dictionary”. So far I wrote about acquisition, big data, ROI, CRO, PLA, RFP, PPC, CPC. There are so many others. So today’s topic is interstitial ads.

Interstitial ads are basically whole page ads. On mobile version It can be overlayed on top of an application. When you mistakenly touch it that is cover whole screen. You might hate about it as a user but when you have an application, they can be really good revenue models.

*Interstitial ads are generally displayed at natural app transition points such as in between game levels.


Check the AdMob developer’s page(*) for more information and how to add IA to your mobile projects.

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