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Want To Escape The Matrix Energy? Put Your Cell Phone Down and Look UP

October 16, 2018

Have you noticed your energy is being depleted, all of having your phone in your hand? Has your phone been turned off by a personal choice or because the battery died completely? If it doesn’t apply, let it fly like fall leaves gusting by from the wind rhythms. If it does, must I continue into a brief depth of consciousness? So here put your cell phone down for a min and hear what I say.

Clearly, the cell phone epidemic has surpassed Martin Cooper’s intentions forever creating handhelds. Next level advancements such as excessive battery life, pimple seeing megapixels, and going viral have grasped the world’s energy. Indeed, it has been great over the years, we’ve learned many lessons for sure. But to reach back a little to Martin’s idea and energy when developing the 1st mobile device, was talk time and battery life. After 30 minutes of talk time, the battery would be full again after 10 hours. Allowing humans to connect their point in a way that was direct an overstood. Humans connected in real life, in person, internally, not through the screen. The intentions of cell phones today, in terms of the human race’s energy are considered lastly, if at all.

Obviously, In today’s circa of life, we’ve become addicted to our cell phones energy, as opposed to our own natural energy. By this, I mean becoming less and less connected to our mind, body, and spiritual needs. Focusing solely on soul and entirely on ego. The reliance on directions and directives via cellphones; hence GPS, latest trends, gossips, careers, interactions and connections is increasing significantly and enabling unhealthy habits. These illusions distract and by accurate assumptions depletes not only our cell phones batteries but our human batteries. 

To trust who we are without these energy sucking parasites in our hands is steps toward

1. Evolution

2. Personal freedom

3. Freedom collectively

No longer will we compare our souls, once we rid out all the distractions and keep handles on our own human platform!

By the way, Venus is in retrograde all until November 16th. Remember, be retrograde, don’t let the retrograde be you! 

Porsha Pate