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Remembering Our Wedding Photos And 4th Year Anniversary

May 18, 2017

I can’t believe It has been 4 years already. When I was was not married, I used to ask people how long they have been married. I always got the different answers from the couples. And I used to think people don’t care as much as I do these important dates. And now, whenever I ask Fatih how long we have been married, he always mixes the dates of our marriage and our first date anniversary. You shouldn’t be so sure about yourself never! See my husband also mixes the dates. 🙂

He has an objection to that, though. He always tells me that he doesn’t care about the date (he never forgets the anniversaries btw) but the years we spent together, the memories we collect together. I know, I have a sweetheart husband.

In honor of our 4th year anniversary, I decided to share my wedding photos, for the first time on my blog.


Fatih and I married on May 18th, 2013 in Mersin, Turkey.

Mersin is the hometown of Fatih’s where is the neighbor city to my hometown. It has the beautiful turquoise color of Mediterranean Sea. You can find so many historical ruins and sites in this city because this city used to be on ancient trade roots. It was an important coastal town. (Check more on Google.)


We found this beautiful boutique hotel with a Blue Flag beach. The hotel is very careful about to save the Loggerhead Sea Turtle which is under protection because they are facing extinction. We love the hotel’s nature so much, so we decide to do our wedding in this beautiful hotel. We don’t have to decorate the environment that much because the set up was pretty ready for a wedding.

I’d love to give inspiration to people. I hope you enjoy our wedding photos, get one or two ideas from our lovely wedding.







Wedding Details

Dress: Oleg Cassini Bridal
Groom: Damat
Wedding Photos and Videography: Studyo Model
Catering and Event Planning: Olbios Hotel, brides’ family
Flowers: Local Florist
Band: Haluk & Ceren
Reception Venue: Olbious Hotel